A beautiful location for a truffle orchard

The great thing about my job is that people come to me with completely different projects and ideas. Like someone who has always “had a dream” of running their own goat farm and making cheese. For example, some time ago I met Daniel and Catharine who wanted to start a truffle orchard. When I met […]

Mayor often makes the difference

I prefer to put people in touch with those who can help them further. In smaller villages, soon the mayor is the most important person. This one not only makes a clear mark on the village, but it is also the one who has the contacts and knowledge to help people in her or his […]

Champagne as a common thread in emigration

No one emigration is the same, and no one person knows in advance what will come your way. That was certainly true for Karin, who approached me and said, “I need help with everything that makes it possible to move to France. She went to work in the Champagne area, seeking help in setting up […]

Nice supporting role in filming in the Nièvre region

Many different challenges cross my path. One more special than the other and, in this case, a very nice one. To shoot a new Dutch feature film, film production company Johnnywood Film&Streaming had chosen locations near St. Petersburg. Honoré. I was asked if I wanted to play a mediating and coordinating role in contacting the […]