Mayor often makes the difference

I prefer to put people in touch with those who can help them further. In smaller villages, soon the mayor is the most important person. This one not only makes a clear mark on the village, but it is also the one who has the contacts and knowledge to help people in her or his village. For Peter and Angélique who began their serious plans to emigrate in 2022, this also proved to be the case. Angélique tells below how the initial process went.

‘Since our meeting during the French class week at Work your Way to France, we have come to know Lonneke as someone who listens, understands and reassures. During the first conversation with Lonneke, she clearly identified our needs so that it was clear which tasks she could take over from us.

Because of her interest in our work in the Netherlands, she immediately saw opportunities to use our experience France. In my case, it concerns the profession as a funeral director. In doing so, I would like to possibly focus on the repatriation of Dutch people living in the Morvan region.

After we bought our home, we asked Lonneke to review the deeds as an intermediary. She also accompanied us to the notary for the actual transfer. Lonneke has good timing to appropriately insert herself into a conversation. It is very nice to have someone next to you who can quickly translate the important information. It all went in such a relaxed way that we have very good memories of it.

Since we currently have a well as a water supply, we also asked her to make contact with the Saur (utility supplier) for extending the water line. She suggested a quick contact with the mayor of our village, Luzy. Madame Guérin responded very positively and we have since had the opportunity to meet her in person.

Lonneke takes all questions very directly and if she cannot get back to you the same day, she will let you know when she can. She uses her network, she knows how to find the people who are important and holds on until she gets a response.

What typifies her is that she is comprehensive in her feedback; you know exactly how far along she is in a particular process. Furthermore, her approach is very friendly, we could ask her anything. And she takes into account the person she is working for.

Her added value is that she is known here, she knows the ways, she connects the right people. In addition, we appreciate her critical eye; she asks through why something is. All in all, the preparations and conversations went in a relaxed manner, which was very nice because an emigration asks a lot of you.’

Pictured, from left, Mayor Jocelyne Guérin, Angélique and Peter.

Angélique and Peter, I wish you a very beautiful life here in the Morvan and we will surely meet often!

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