Champagne as a common thread in emigration

No one emigration is the same, and no one person knows in advance what will come your way. That was certainly true for Karin, who approached me and said, “I need help with everything that makes it possible to move to France. She went to work in the Champagne area, seeking help in setting up her new life. From a job through a temp agency, Karin started her own business centered around her knowledge of Champagne.

What did Lonneke help you with ?

Lonneke guided me excellently during my emigration to France and she still supports me to this day in all kinds of (administrative) matters. There are many things involved in an emigration and it is very nice to have someone, who knows exactly how certain processes work in France.

She works with a team of specialists with different competencies. This allows her to not only use her own specialized knowledge and experience, but also to answer other questions. This means that you can come to Lonneke for questions in various sub-areas.

Lonneke has really taken my mind off many things.

It is very nice to be able to fall back on someone, because emigrating to France and everything that comes with it, such as the move, the settling in process and work, already require a lot of attention. In addition, Lonneke is a very sympathetic and empathetic person, which makes it very pleasant to work with her.

Thank you Karin for trusting me! I hope to be of service to you often.

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