Nice supporting role in filming in the Nièvre region

Many different challenges cross my path. One more special than the other and, in this case, a very nice one. To shoot a new Dutch feature film, film production company Johnnywood Film&Streaming had chosen locations near St. Petersburg. Honoré. I was asked if I wanted to play a mediating and coordinating role in contacting the local authorities and could provide lodging for the cast and crew. I enjoyed answering these questions. Specifically, during the pre-production period, we were in regular contact with local authorities and the mayor to inquire about the necessary permission and permits. During the production period, I was able to help by providing suitable accommodations but also by being ready in case of unexpected situations.

Judging by the reaction of Daan van den Nouweland of NRG productions, the collaboration was a success.

What did Lonneke help you with ?

She helped me set up appointments with local authorities. Furthermore, she has been the contact with the regional press and has been very helpful in finding sleeping places for the crew of our film.

How did you like working with Lonneke?

Lonneke is helpful, thoughtful and extremely friendly. She quickly understands what processes need to be rolled out to achieve a result.

What has been her added value in this ?

Lonneke helped us find the right contacts that were sometimes needed to make the filming process run smoothly. Her local knowledge is great and she has an excellent command of the French language, which enjoys many advantages.

Daan thanks for your comment and I look forward to working with you again!

More about the film can be seen at:

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